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The vision of Soudal founder Vic Swerts, and the mission and strategy of the Soudal Group are all at the base of the group's success. In combination with the corporate values cultivated over the past 58 years, they guarantee an excellent starting position to realise our ambitious growth target.

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Since Soudal was founded in 1966, it has grown to become a global multinational corporation. We achieved this by working hard, failing occasionally, but most importantly never giving up. We succeeded because of who we are and how we behave. Discover more about our values here.

Facts & figures

Number of cans 2023

A consolidated turnover of €1.34 billion in 2023; an EBITDA of € 118.1 million; a profit of € 50.7 million; 29 production sites and 79 sales offices; approximately 4,100 employees worldwide; € 91.8 million. of investments in 2023: these are the impressive facts and figures of the Soudal Group.


Our corporate values are very important to the Soudal family enterprise. The members of its Management Team and Board of Directors not only have extensive knowledge and many years of experience within the Soudal Group, but they also pay special attention to maintaining these values during the further development of the Soudal Group.


Stay up-to-date with international corporate news from the Soudal Group, such as take-overs, financial figures, awards, activities and events. The latest news can be found in the various press releases, publications, announcements and the 2023 annual report in the news section of the website.


A few years ago, Soudal decided to become an active sponsor of cycling, cyclocross and football. The key purpose of this is to generate brand awareness for Soudal and change the image of the brand. The "Soudal Quick-Step" cycling team is of course the best-known example.


The 58-year history of the Soudal Group includes of a number of stages typical for the growth of a small enterprise into a multinational company. The key concepts being: hard work, perseverance, export, innovation and acquisitions. As well as the short history, the more comprehensive timeline is definitely worth looking at.