Facts & figures

A consolidated turnover of €1.34 billion in 2023; an EBITDA of € 118.1 million; a profit of € 50.7 million; 29 production sites and 79 sales offices; approximately 4,100 employees worldwide; € 91.8 million. of investments in 2023: these are the impressive facts and figures of the Soudal Group.


Financial figures

In 2023, Soudal has achieved a turnover of € 1,34 billion, which is an increase of € 33 million or 2,5% compared to 2022. The net result amounts to € 50,7 million. Soudal invested  € 91,8 million in 2023.

Key Financial Figures 2023

Production in figures

The Soudal Group is the largest independent manufacturer of polyurethane foam in the world. The 5 production locations in Belgium, Poland, China, Russia and Slovenia have an annual production of 130 million canisters of PU Foam. If all these canisters were to be placed in a row, it would bridge the distance between the earth to the moon and back 5 times over!

The Soudal Group also produces 310 million units of sealants (silicones, acrylates, hybrid polymers, etc.) annually, which makes it the world's 3rd largest producers of sealants. This is covered by 11 production locations in Belgium, Slovenia, Poland, the USA, Chile, Turkey, India, China, Latvia and South-Korea. All these packages laid end to end would circle the earth.

The hundreds of types of adhesives are manufactured on 4 locations in Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia.


Key production figures 2023

Number of employees

At the end of 2023, the Soudal Group employed 4,115 people. This amount has sharply increased over the past few years due to its organic growth and acquisitions. 

The ever-increasing internationalisation of Soudal is emphasised by the fact that 69% of its employees are working outside Belgium. Clearly, however, the company is still very strongly anchored in the Benelux in general and in Turnhout in particular.

Soudal around the world

The Soudal Group has 29 production locations on 6 continents and 79 worldwide sales offices, and exports to more than 140 countries.

Soudal Around The World 2023


In the past 58 years, Soudal has grown enormously. Methods, market approach and technologies have changed in a revolutionary way, but Soudal holds to the core values, which have made the company great: the customer is key, personal involvement and stamina. Courage in business is the core value for Vic Swerts.

A world map makes it all clear. After 58 years of hard work, Soudal has become a multinational. Currently the company is active on all continents, with 79 branches and 29 production sites. This enormous increase in scale is a result of many worldwide initiatives and acquisitions. Competitors and knowledge were acquired to discover new markets outside Belgium. So far, this strategy has been very successful and has resulted in the current Soudal Group, which employs around 4,115 people.