Markets & solutions

Soudal is focusing on 3 market segments: the construction, industrial and retail sectors.

It is Soudal's strategy to focus its activities on the markets where it can add value by developing innovative and competitive solutions for customers, which are custom-made for the current and future needs of end users.

Market segments

Construction: The products are used within a broad range of applications, such as for building, glazing, woodwork, and bonding interior and exterior applications, from underground uses to the rooftops of skyscrapers.

Industrial: It is important that the R&D department specialises in the development of high-performance products used in various industrial assembly applications and the transport industry.

Retail: The experience gained in construction, has been translated to a wide range of products, which are available worldwide for the retail markets.

International sales network

The Soudal Group has 79 worldwide sales offices and exports to more than 140 countries. In a number of countries the Soudal products are sold by exclusive distributors.

Soudal Around The World 2023

Marketer of solutions

At Soudal the customer is always king. It has become a point of honour to always closely monitor the market. We often have in-depth contact with our customers. Based on these conversations we are able to start up new developments. SMX foam is an example of this. It is a foam without isocyanates, pioneered by and introduced onto the market by Soudal. It is also of essential importance to always be up-to-date with any developments in legislation. Soudatherm SFI 600P is another example of an innovation based on the requests from industrial end users, who needed a better energy performance and simple application method.