Our activities

The Soudal Group manufactures products for its own brands and private labels covering 7 groups: silicones and other sealants, polyurethane foams, adhesives, hybrid polymers, technical aerosols and chemical building products. With its own brands the Soudal Group is focusing on 3 market segments: the construction, industrial and retail sectors.

Production company

Soudal has 25 production locations on 6 continents. It is focusing on increasing the efficiency of its production lines and production planning. Information technology and communication technology are essential factors in its production processes. To think out-of-the box is the key to an innovative production process.

Markets & solutions

Soudal is focusing on 3 comprehensive market segments: the construction, industrial and retail sectors. The Soudal strategy is to focus its activities on the markets where it can add value by developing innovative and competitive solutions for its customers.


The Soudal Group covers many international brands. For some of these brands the entire range is sold on 6 continents, while other brands are limited to a single product group and are more regionally or locally oriented. The Soudal portfolio continues to expand by way of acquisitions.