Soudal introduces 3 new affiliates in Hanoi, Bangkok and Casablanca


New affiliates in Thailand, Vietnam and Morocco

Soudal announces the opening of three new affiliates in Thailand, Vietnam and Morocco. These new offices are part of Soudals strategy to be present in all continents with their own employees and subsidiaries. With the opening of these three establishments Soudal will now own 47 affiliates worldwide.

Soudal already created a strong presence on the Asian building market with three local production units in India (Delhi and Chennai) and China (Shanghai). With the commissioning of its own affiliate in Vietnam and Thailand, the company will strengthen its position in this booming South East Asian region.

The offices are located in Hanoi and Bangkok and will operate as independent affiliates of the Soudal group with multiple employees. With the introduction of strong brands such as Fix ALL®, T-REX® and Silirub®, Soudal wants to offer high quality products in a booming Asian construction market.

Vic Swerts, founder and chairman of Soudal:
"After the opening of the successful production units in India and China, we wanted to launch our own affiliates in the South East Asian region. Both countries operate as so called anchor economies for the neighboring countries such as Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. This region still offers many opportunities in which Soudal would like to invest."

This autumn, Soudal will also start its own affiliate in Casablanca (Morroco). Soudal believes that the economy of the African continent offers excellent perspectives for the coming decades. Therefore Soudal would already like to convince the professional building market of its products. Since a few years, Soudal has already been distributed in this region by an independent supplier. Soudal expects the affiliate in Morocco will fulfill an important role in the further expansion on the African continent.

Dirk Coorevits, CEO of Soudal:
"This establishment is the first affiliate in the Northern African region for Soudal. This emphasises the ambition of Soudal to be a key player in its markets in all continents. The opening of this new affiliate underlines this ambition. With a strong and permanent base in Turnhout (Belgium) where the head office, R&D and main production units are located, we will continue our worldwide expansion."