Soudal Healthy House® : more sustainable options across product groups


Soudal Healthy House® : more sustainable options across product groups

Soudal is proud to announce the launch of the Soudal Healthy House® product range, containing a moresustainable alternative in every Soudal product group: foams, adhesives and sealants.

Sustainability is high on the agenda of the Soudal Group. A significant aspect of this commitment involves the development of more environmentally friendly products. Therefore, Soudal introduces the Soudal Healthy House® product range, offering Soudal customers a more sustainable alternative in every product group. Each of the products in the range meets two important criteria: it is less harmful  for the end user and it has less impact on the environment and/or climate change.

Dirk Coorevits, CEO of Soudal: “Soudal Healthy House® is an important new step in the sustainability journey of the Soudal Group. We continue to work on sustainability every day in various areas. For example, we have made significant efforts to reduce the impact on the environment in our packaging, the use of raw materials and the transport of our products. We continuously take steps to reduce our ecological footprint in terms of climate, environment and energy consumption.”

With a fresh aesthetic and comprehensive packaging, each product accurately explains its merits as a sustainable choice, contributing positively to the living environment and/or combatting climate change. All items in this range comply with the Soudal high-quality standards, guaranteeing outstanding results.